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Things We Should Know About Indian Fashion Jewellery

India contributes the largest amount of jewellery all around the is known for the variation and options available in jewellery. People always get attracted to Indian jewellery and find it fascinating that it has so many options and pieces available for every occasion and available for everyone. From headpiece to toe ring Indian tradition has jewellery in all materials from gold to imitation jewellery so it can be easily available to everyone. Artificial Jewellery is raising its market in affordable jewellery.

Indian jewellery Materials

  1. Gold-  Gold is the most used material in Indian traditional jewellery. It is the priciest metal after platinum in jewellery making, while platinum is rare in Indian traditional jewellery but gold uses the most. Gold jewellery is also used for daily wear jewellery. 

  2. Silver- Silver is less costly compared to gold so it uses more for jewellery making. Silver also uses in making for coins and silver cutleries. 925 Sterling Silver uses for making jewellery. They are more affordable than gold jewellery so they are more in demand. It is also useful for making Customized Jewellery.

  3. Brass-  It is the most used metal for making Imitation Jewellery because it resembled gold. It gives a rusty and antique look to your jewellery. But brass tends to react with air, so it oxidized and leaves a green mark on your body.

  4. Pearls- Pearls are more used in western culture than indian culture, but still, it holds a large number of consumers in India too. Indians like to use pearl with gold or silver jewellery. Indian fashion jewellery uses pearl on special occasions. 

  5. Diamonds-  Diamond is the most desired gem by anyone, people find it hard to afford diamonds. It is mostly used for polka design jewellery. 

  6. Gemstones – There are some other stones or gems that are used in Indian jewellery, Amythyst, Ruby, Sapphire, jade, Emerald are some kinds of gems used in making Rings, or necklaces. they attract due to their colourful appearance. It is always used with gold or silver.

  7. Elephant Tusk- Elephant tusk was used for making tribal jewellery for different parts of was very expensive but now it is illegal to use in some parts of the country.

These are some metal options for making attractive jewellery in India.

Artificial Jewellery

Types of Indian Fashion Jewellery

Indian Fashion jewellery has a wide range ofv jewellery. Indian jewellery has an effect on its culture and ethnicity over its jewellery. Rajasthan is the jewellery hub of India. Every state has its own style and culture when it comes to jewellery. South Indian jewellery has its own style range in necklaces, or earrings, while West Bengal has a different concept for jewellery,  Rajasthan has wide options available in jewellery, from gold to lac, Rajasthan is the attraction for the jewellery lover.

•    Kundan Jewellery - 

Kundan jewellery is the most famous jewellery style in Rajasthan. Kundan means refined gold. It is made with gold with a core of wax.  Rajasthani Rajput brides use Kundan jewellery during their weddings.

•    Meenakari Jewellery - 

Meenakari jewellery has always intensified the beauty of Indian brides. Meenakari jewellery is done by the professionals, they add red or green colour enamel over the gold carved design and heat them together until they make a strong bond with each other. Meenakari Necklaces, Meenakari Rings and Meenakari Earring play an important role in rajasthani culture, it is used to be gifted to the bride by the bridegroom’s family.

•    Polki Designs - 

Polki designs are also made with gold by setting uncut diamonds with them. It looks beautiful after wearing with an Indian traditional outfit. It is only done by jewellers who have mastered making polka jewellery.

•    Lac Designs - 

Lac Jewellery represents the rich and royal heritage of india. Lac jewellery is a craftsmanship, it is made with a thick glue type substance extracted from a bug. In Rajasthani Culture newly wed brides wear lac bangles daily for the long life of their husbands.

These are some types of Rajasthani jewellery but style and fashion or jewellery making keep changing when you go to different states. Indian Fashion Jewellery has created its aura worldwide and getting attention from around the world. From Meenakari Nose Ring to Designer Silver Jewellery Indian jewellery has various options available for everyone.

Artificial Jewellery

Affordable Range with stunning looks

If you are someone who is looking for more affordable jewellery that is not overpriced then there are so many options available in Imitation jewellery and  Artificial jewellery.

These options are affordable but also beautiful. If you want than you can also try different options from 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery. For diamonds, there are also affordable options available online in CZ (cubic zirconia). You can also shop for artificial jewellery online because it is easy to buy Artificial jewellery online. Online sites have made it easy to shop for jewellery online, now you can look at all the varieties and options available in one place, online shopping also saves time and energy.

Online shopping for Jewellery

Jewellery is an important part of our Indian culture, so Indian women wear jewellery in their daily life.but it is not affordable for everyone to buy gold or diamond jewellery, so they are switching to Imitation Jewellery because they are more affordable and stylish. Using 925 Sterling Silver for making fancy jewellery that is light weighted and fancy at the same time. It is also very safe for daily wear. You can buy many ornaments and can style them for different occasions. Customised jewellery also catches the attention of buyers because they are unique, cutomers can design their jewellery as they want, Customised jewellery is more in demand than others because people love to look unique.