Rani Haars to Rings: All That You Need To Know About Kundan Jewelleries

A predominant part of bridal jewellery kits, Kundan Jewellery has survived time! Worn by Bollywood stars like Sonam Kapoor and Alia Bhatt at their weddings, Kundan remains a timeless piece of statement jewellery. Fashion aficionados in India and worldwide have hailed Kundan for its magnificence and one-of-a-kindness. Kundan Jewellery celebrates royalty in you and it is here to stay!

But, what exactly is Kundan? You may ask!

Kundan is a form of gold jewellery that has a core of wax. The term “Kundan” stands for pure gold, which is primarily carved in 24K pure gold. It is one of the oldest forms of jewellery with deep roots in the royal era of fore. The art of making Kundan is popularly termed as Jadau Jewellery. Jadau or Kundan Jewellery was patronised by the Mughals and flourished significantly during this era. Kundan jewellery immortalises different other variations such as meenakari, Bikaneri or Jaipuri designs.

Owing to the precious gems and metals used for crafting Kundan Jewelleries, it was primarily worn by the royals. Over time, Kundan jewellery has become more accessible to people. Capitalisation has lowered the cost of production. International marketing too has impacted the production and distribution of Kundan jewellery. The sheer price of Kundan makes it a luxury for most Indians. We are here to change that!

How can you make Kundan Rings a part of your wedding trousseau?

Contemporary pieces such as Kundan Rings can make an important component of your wedding trousseau. But how to buy Artificial Kundan rings online? Your search ends here! Ciero Jewels has handcrafted a valiant varieties of Kundan Rings and other pieces. We agree that they are imitation jewellery, but we truly believe that everyone deserves to look like royalty on their D-Day. These Customized Jewellery combines the royalty and intricacies of Kundan Jewellery with the affordability of artificial rings. Our designers are constantly striving to create timeless pieces within a budget. The driving force behind us in making selling Kundan Rings Online is the zeal to make this traditional art available for all. Moreover, we are also focused on ensuring that this versatile piece of timeless jewellery can be acquired by all. It is the exact reason why we are inclining towards selling Artificial Kundan Rings Online.

Our USP.

Kundan Jadau Jewellery requires meticulous work and effort. Our artists, even though does not use precious gems or metals to craft the pieces are highly skilled. Result? Our Customized Jewellery, starting from chains, cuffs, rings, armbands, etc., are easily accessible to the multitude of buyers through our eCommerce website. We constantly consider your feedback to design and manufacture high-quality artificial jewellery online. Kundan jewellery has vowed millions of people over the centuries. Considered a  luxury, companies like ours make these Kundan jewelleries so easily available for people. We are constantly pledging to deliver versatile, good quality and unique products. Furthermore, you can now get your hands on these Kundan rings online from the comfort of your home.

We choose to not let the age-old tradition and cultural heritage of ours die. You now have the chance of updating your bridal stash with these Kundan Rings and other jewelleries. 

Is it good quality?

At Ciero we ensure that the jewelleries are sourced from high-quality sources. The customised jewellery that we sell online are exquisitely hand-crafted using high-quality metals and stones. Further, we also ensure that it is easy to maintain. We guarantee longevity and versatility when the products are concerned.

How to select the Kundan jewellery online?

You can select Kundan jewelleries from a wide range online. We master in creating products for your taste. The customised jewellery furthermore celebrates the elite in you. Thus, we have made the Kundan jewellery so easily accessible.

Is there any guarantee?

The jewelleries are designed and intricately hand-crafted. We assure longevity of the jewelleries. We also ensure that we listen to your feedback to cater to your needs and requirement. Hence, the Artificial Kundan Rings manufactured by us adhere to best quality standards. So, wait for no further and order your first Kundan jewellery online from our website. 

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