Thanks for showing being part of CieroJewels. We here provide a glimpse of instruction about the sellers' policies and guidelines that need to be followed.
Seller Eligibility 

The use of services on the platform is only suitable to individuals who can form legally binding contracts under the Indian Contract Act,1872. Therefore, persons who go beyond the contract and guidelines of the Indian Contract Act,1872, are not eligible to use the platform for any purpose. In addition, if the seller's age is below 18 years, you may not be part of the platform. CieroJewels has the authority and right to terminate your registration if your age is below 18.   

Account and Registration Obligations 

During using the platform, you agree to feed your correct information and details as requested by us from time to time. You will be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of information with your login password, logo, display name etc. You must also need to agree that if you provide all the information authentically and find any untrue or inaccurate information in consideration of terms of use, we have the right to suspend your account from or block you from login into the platform.  

Use of the Platform 

You agree and critically understand that Ciero Jewels and the platform provide services to registered users and individuals browsing the platform via desktop or smart devices. Therefore, all items listed in the catalogue are advertised and listed by registered users. CieroJewels may not be responsible for liability in the context of arising out of third party user-generated content. 

•    You will not display, use, or modify any information or image that belongs to another person and over which you have no right. 

•    Attempting to gain unauthorized access to any feature or services of the platform or hacking the login credentials, CieroJewels can suspend or terminate your account. 

•    You agree not to use any unauthorised device that can affect the working of the CieroJewels platform. 

Compliance with the selling of goods/services

•    You must charge and accepts the taxes on goods and services and CieroJewels will not be part of any deficiency on your behalf. 

•    You must comply with the provisions of integrated goods and service tax (IGST), (CGST- Central Goods and Services Tax), other related taxes regarding goods/services supplied by you to the customers. 

Limited License and Seller Payment Period

CieroJewels grant sellers a limited and non-transferable or personal license to use CieroJewels name. The seller can request the payment from CieroJewels within 15 days and all the taxes or invoices of bills will be attached and a copy will be sent to the respective seller. 

Replacement/Return/Exchange Policy

•    Customers are the real asset and essential part of CieroJewels. If the customer receives the wrong item/product and requests a replacement, sellers must agree to replace the product.

•    CieroJewels only accept the replacement of the product after reviewing the customer’s product opening time clip video of the wrong item sent from their registered mobile number. So, the seller must replace the item and deliver the new product to the customer.

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