Designer Collection of Kundan Nose Ring Online

A bridal look is incomplete without a nose ring. No matter how heavy your outfit is, no matter how stunning your make is, if you plan for a bare nose, the overall look might lack the bridal charm. You can take cues from our exclusive collection of Kundan nath online and finalize a pretty design for your D-day.

Why wear a nose ring for a complete bridal look?

Apart from the deeply rooted culture and custom, an appealing look is the number one reason brides like to flaunt a nose ring at weddings. Nose rings are in vogue these days. The nath gives you a unique look and it also accentuates your facial features. If you are opting for heavy make-up with bright lips and shimmery eyes, you would definitely want to add the bling of a nose ring to balance out the look. 

Brides or anyone who is conscious of their face shape can try the wonderful fashion accessory, the nose ring. There is a variety of styles and shapes of naths available in Indian fashion jewellery. Check out the chic range at Ciero Jewels and find a piece that gels well with your sartorial elegance. 

How to style a nose ring the right way?

Set your look apart with a nose ring and the best part you don’t even have to get your nose pierced for these stunning pieces. The nose rings can be pinched or screwed tightly on the skin. Once done you are set for the evening and a whole lot of gorgeous photos. 

Nose rings look the best with hair styled neatly in a low bun. For an appealing look, make sure that the metal of the nose ring matches the rest of the jewellery. Also, keep the size in mind when wearing a nose ring for the first time. Although, the pieces are quite lightweight but make sure you are comfortable smiling, talking and posing for photographs with a large nose ring. Smaller nose rings complement every face shape and serve the purpose right.  

Comfort should be your top priority when styling, artificial jewellery. So our pick would be a small nose ring with a chain attached to it for added comfort and style.  

What are the design options to buy Indian nose rings online?

When you buy Customized Jewellery, you can buy a complete bridal set including the nose rings. However, readymade bridal sets lack these nose rings, so it’s a bit confusing to choose the right one. Don’t worry, you can check out and take fashion cues from our latest collection of nose rings.

The bling of diamond and the regal vibe of Kundan are the most popular choices. For trendy and minimalistic Diamond Nose Rings Online, check out the dedicated section on our store. 

For a dainty look, you may search for Kundan nose rings online. The added opulence of pearls, emeralds or Kundan is perfect to portray the traditional glory. 

Things to keep in mind while shopping for Kundan Nose Ring online in India

Kundan nose rings are the best choice for bridal couture. You definitely want to look classy on your D-Day, so make sure that you invest in only quality products. Don’t ruin the close up shots on your special day with a flimsy-looking nose ring. Pay attention to the production description and confirm the quality and finish of the Kundans or the gold plating with the help of the product reviews. 

Plan ahead and avoid shopping at the last moment. In case you need a replacement, you should have enough time before the event date. Moreover, you can count on us for the flattering and competitively priced range of imitation jewellery.  

Why makes our Kundan artificial nose rings the best sellers?

Our nose rings are proudly made in India and finely finished with a thick micron plating process. We make sure that you look flawless on special occasions. Therefore, we only deal with the assurance of finesse. Our range of artificial jewellery including the Kundan nose rings is made from lightweight metal alloy. Our pieces are high in demand because they are safe for hypoallergenic skin, they are extremely lightweight and they are extremely comfortable to wear, even in scorching summers. 

Our style curators are well-versed with the trends that make millennial brides go crazy. We have an eye for detail and celebrate the rich skills of Kundan artisans all the way from Jaipur, Rajasthan. If you want to look chic on a special occasion, you can pick any nose ring, but if you want to add the royal charm to your look, you should definitely check out the exclusive collection of Kundan and Diamond nose rings at Ciero Jewels. We have the most affordable range of imitation jewellery, so quickly add our stunning nose rings to the shopping cart and save more on jewellery shopping.

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