Latest Designs of Kundan Bangles Online- By Ciero Jewels

Want to buy Indian bangles online? Look nowhere else because Ciero Jewels has everything for fashion conscious buyers. 

End your search for the best quality, latest designs and affordably priced range of kundan artificial bangles at Ciero Jewels. Our style curators are well aware of the passion that Indian buyers have for bangles and Kadas. Therefore, we leave no stone unturned to bring out the latest designs and the assurance of the finest quality. 

Bangles add the desired amount of grace to an outfit. They are more often paired with saree or ethnic ensembles. However, new age buyers are creating fusion fashion by pairing Kundan bracelets or bangles with trendy outfits. Bangles signify beauty and empowerment, and they look extremely classy if you invest in high quality pieces.

Quality is the key factor that can make or break your style statement. Since bangles are worn on the wrists, so any design flaw would be easily noticeable. Due to our unswerving attention to quality, we can assure you that the polish, the sheen and the striking appearance of our kundan bangles would remain the same for years. If you are searching for top quality fashion bangles, then Ciero Jewels can be your ultimate destination. 

What are the design options for Kundan bangles online in India?

The wide variety of Kundan bangles at Ciero Jewels is next to extraordinary. From sleek and minimal designs to heavy bracelets, from Jali work to gold filled designs, everything can be found at Ciero Jewels. 

The eye catching range of bangles includes designs adorned with precious gemstones like Kundan and emeralds and solid designs that are hand carved by skilled artisans from across the country. 

Besides, buyers who prefer to wear lightweight bangles can also find an impressive range online. Moreover, there are bangles and bracelets that are finely finished with meenakari. The coloured enamel works best to create a contrast to your basic outfit. If you want to look dressed up you can quickly add a few bangles or a Kundan bracelet. Check out the exclusive range of bangles and complementing imitation jewellery to satiate your shopping frenzy. 

How to style Kundan bangles?

Styling bangles is no rocket science. You can layer bracelets with a watch or pair the bangles with a matching ring. Add a pair of heels with a handful of bangles to add an edgy look. Bangles in gold look stunning with traditional colours, however, you can also pair silver with classic choices like red or white.

For a statement look, you can wear a handful of plain bangles matching your outfit and add Kundan bangles as accent pieces in between. With a little mix and match, you can find the perfect pattern. No need to be afraid of experimentation, as fashion is all about feeling confident. So choose whatever pattern speaks the most to you and style it as your heart desires.

For more design inspiration, you may also check out the complementing pieces from our exclusive range of Indian Fashion Jewellery. 

How to protect your Kundan artificial jewellery from getting tarnished?

Kundan bangles feature intricate designs and impressive details. Therefore, the price band is a little higher than basic metal bangles. However, if you want to make the most out of your investment, you need to know how to properly take care of the bangles. 

The key to enjoying the impressive sheen and radiance of kundan bangles is to learn the right way to use and store them. Avoid contact with soapy water at all costs. If you want to clean your precious customized Kundan jewellery, simply use a soft bristle brush or a high quality microfiber cloth. Use a ziplock pouch to store the bangles when not in use. Airtight packaging is the right way to store artificial jewellery including bracelets and bangles. Never combine two pieces of jewellery together. Always use separate pouches for separate items. You don’t have to break a bank to buy solid gold bangles. With a little caution, you can enjoy the striking appearance of your artificial jewellery for years. 

Exclusive range and amazing discounts on artificial jewellery online

A bold look or a traditional vibe, whatever your preference is, you can surely find a complementing piece at Ciero Jewels. We specialize in exceeding the expectations and therefore, we have become the preferred choice for the latest designs.

Our designer bangles and bracelets are made from high quality alloy and finely finished with thick micron plating. Buyers with hypoallergenic skin can also shop with total confidence from Ciero Jewels. Our range of designer bangles is proudly made in India. To make you feel beautiful, we empower the skilled artisans of the country. Our stunning range of bangles and bracelets is available at unbelievable price bands. Shop now Kundan Jewellery Online to grab the amazing discounts.

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