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Rajasthani Customized, Imitation Jewellery and Most Popular Artificial Designs

Rajasthani traditional jewellery is getting famous worldwide all thanks to Indian Cinemas, people are trying to get their hands on traditional Rajasthani jewellery. Rajasthani jewellery is a big reason for tourist attraction.  Rajasthani jewellery plays an important role in Indian Fashion Jewellery. There are various options available in traditional jewellery that are less expensive. A wide range of Customized Jewellery options is available in Lac jewellery and Kundan jewellery. Rajasthani jewellery plays an important role in glorifying the history of Rajasthan.

Imitation Jewellery

Jewellery variations in Rajasthan

There are so many variations available more than gold. So, Rajasthani jewellery has different options available in all varieties.

•    Silver Jewellery: Rajasthan has a wide range available of silver jewellery. Rajasthan has a big population of tribes, and gold is not affordable for all. So they use Silver jewellery more than gold that is the reason why Rajasthani fashion jewellery has a wide range of silver jewellery. These days Silver jewellery has been replaced with Sterling Silver Jewellery because they look more attractive than regular silver.

•    Lac Jewellery: Lac jewellery is also known as a less expensive option for gold. So Rajasthani jewellery has a wide variation of jewellery available in lac. It is also worn by married Rajasthani women. They are mostly used for making bangles.

•    Pratapgarh jewellery or Thewa jewellery: Thewa jewellery is made mostly in the Pratap Garh district of Rajasthan. Thewa jewellery is made with 23K gold infused with multicoloured glass.

•    Elephant Tusk jewellery: Rajasthani jewellery had a large number of elephant tusk jewellery, this ivory jewellery was made from elephant tusk. Old tribes of Rajasthan use these ivory tusks in making ivory bangles. But they are really hard to get these days due to their lack of availability so elephant tusk is replaced with good quality plastic in Imitation Jewellery.

•    Kundan jewellery: Rajasthan jewellery market is the biggest supplier of Kundan jewellery worldwide. Kundan jewellery is made of gold embellished with costly gems and stones. But you can have artificial jewellery online, they provide less expensive Kundan works that look just like the original one.

•    Meenakari jewellery: Meenakari jewellery design is perfected by special experts who add different enamel colours in small sections of gold jewellery and heat them until enamelled colours make a strong bond with gold jewellery.

•    Polki designs: Polki designs are made with gold foil embellished with uncut diamonds each diamond of polka jewellery is pure so they don’t match each other.

Imitation Jewellery

Rajasthani Traditional Jewellery:

Rajasthani Jewellery has a huge number of traditional Jewellery designs. Rajasthani people still wear these pieces of jewellery to show their roots still added to their culture.

•    Rakadi or borla: these are the ornaments that use as headwear or maangtikka, they are shaped like a bell added with a gold chain worn by all Rajasthani married women.  If you want an affordable alternative for rakadi you can search for Imitation Jewellery available online.

•    Nath: these are nose rings that are worn by Rajpoot brides on their marriage day. They are big compared to a regular nose ring. They can be made of gold or you can use Artificial jewellery at affordable prices.

•    Kanbali: these are Rajasthani traditional earrings that are available in Kundan work or Meenakari work.

•    Kanti Necklace:  These necklaces are traditional necklaces given to a bride by her in-laws. They are made with Kundan or jadau work. They are more like heavy chokers attached with tassels.

•    Baju bandh: These are heave armlets eorn by Rajputi brides, they are made with gold and also available in Meenakari.

•    Ivory Bangles: Ivory bangles are bangles made with elephant tusks worn by tribal women of Rajasthan. Elefant tusks have been replaced with plastics due to their expencive and unavailability. You can find artificial jewellery in ivory plastics online.

•    Haanthphool: hath Phool is bracelets worn with rings that cover the wrist and back of the palm. It beautifies your wrist.

•    Kardhani: kardhani is a jewelled belt worn with traditional outfits. Available in gold, silver, Kundan, or Imitation Jewellery.

•    Bichuwa: Bichuwa is a toe ring worn by all indian woen after getting married, bichuwa is available in silver or Sterling Silver Jewellery.

•    Payel: payel is desighner heavy anklets with bells. Worn by many indian women after marriage.

so, Indian Fashion Jewellery is controlled by the traditional Rajasthani jewellery market. but if you want you can choose more affordable variations in Artificial and imitation Jewellery.