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Top 7 Jewellery Sets To Style With This Wedding Season

Jewellery has always been an inseparable part of women’s life and India is such a versatile country rich in culture with different forms of jewellery in different zones. Thanks to the internet all of these styles are available in every corner of the world. If you go to the search bar and check Indian fashion jewellery or online jewellery sets, you will get all the designs available there. Gone are the days when brides are restricted to wearing only gold jewellery sets for their wedding. These new era brides are exploring new designs in CZ necklace sets online, imitation jewellery and customized jewellery. Wearing customized jewellery is in trend and a good option to wear jewellery suiting your personality. You can get jewellery sets customized according to your choice and matching to your wedding dress. Here are the 7 hottest jewellery sets that are brides’ favourite preferred choices to wear on their wedding day or other occasions. Let’s skim through the article. 

1.  Choker Set

In recent years, the choker sets gained popularity. They are popular since the 18th and 19th centuries. A choker set is a jewellery set that is worn very closely around the neck. Choker set are studded with crystals, stones, pearl, and kundan. You can pair them with traditional and indo-western dresses. Choker sets will go perfectly with off-shoulders, turtle necks, and broad shoulders. You can get a heavy look by pairing it with long necklaces. They can be made with studded ruby, and emerald to get a royal and evergreen look.  Pearls and gold choker will also look good together. They will give traditional plus elegant look.

2.  Rani Haar Set

As the name suggests, it has been worn since long time. The royal ladies used to wear them and now brides are adopting it to get that royal look. Rani haar is a long piece of jewellery, it is either single-chained or multi- chained and is typically worn with a choker necklace. There are great design options available in rani haar. It is usually a long chain with a broad meenakari or heavy work pendant. Many brides also prefer multi-chain beaded gemstones rani haar. The royalty of rani haar increase when it is carried with danglers across the length. They will look good with V-neck and light blouses.

3.  Bib Necklace Set

Bib necklaces are just like their name. They hang around your neck just like a bib and its shape is also like a bib. They are heavy statement jewellery necklaces with hanging half-moon shaped danglers. They are paired with pearl drops, multi-coloured gem-stones and gold. You can get designs in kundan, meenakari and crystals. Wear them with deep and broad necklines. If you are wearing bib necklaces don’t overdo your look by wearing heavy earrings or long necklaces with them.

Aadh necklace is also a type of bib necklace. It begins with a choker around your neck and ends with strings of triangles or diamond shaped drops. Mostly Rajasthani brides wear it as statement jewellery but it has gained popularity in different parts of the country. Typically, the top of the necklace is made with gold and enamling with meenakari, studded with kundan and multi-colour stones and crystals. You can enhance the style by wearing it with square neckline and accessorize it with other traditional jewellery.

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4.  Satlada Set

Satlada is basically a rani haar only with 7-layer. These sets are typically made in 7-layered, 5-layered or 3-layered pattern. Pearls or beads are stringed or woven together with small hangings and small pendant. 

5.  Navratan Set

Navaratna set means a set studded with 9 different precious ratnas or gemstones in the jewellery set. These gemstones are pearl, emerald, ruby, yellow sapphire, blue sapphire, diamond, red coral, cat’s eye, and hessonite. The set is shaped usually in princess design, chokers, and long rani haars. As the set is colourful, it is best to wear it with monotone dresses. It will look good with pastel colours also like, light blue, pink, purple, and beige.

6.  Gulbandh/Princess Set

Gulbandh set is the traditional jewellery set that lies on your collarbone. These sets are made of polki, pearl, meenakari and traditional kundan jewellery. They look good with round necklines, high necklines. This the typical jewellery set that most people wear or buy for weddings. That’s why you get variety of designs in gulbandh.

7.  Guttapusalu  

Guttapusalu is a staple set in south Indian bride’s jewellery. Guttapusalu translates into a ‘group of beads. So, the necklace is long and consists of pearls or beads at the bottom of the necklace. You can get it in gold temple jewellery with bunch of small pearls dangling around the length. Many designs comprise of rubies, multicolour stones studded in the set with the pearls. The look great with silk saris, and are a great option to wear them in the weddings. They give heavy look for the occasion if worn alone also.

So, which one are you planning to choose for your wedding? These are the basic jewellery sets that go with every occasion and attire mostly. If you don’t want spend too much money then you can choose imitation jewellery, artificial jewellery online or you can get jewellery sets near you. There is a huge selection of artificial jewellery and traditional kunadan jewellery.