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Tips on How To Clean Your Diamond Engagement Ring At Home

A ring by your soulmate holds a special place in your heart. Everyone loves to wear a diamond engagement ring that dazzles forever. But it is very hard to find a way to make your ring bedazzled forever, Dimond rings are not everyone’s cup of tea, It costs a fortune to buy a diamond ring for an engagement, but here are some cheaper alternatives of diamond rings that are affordable and gives the exact feeling of wearing a high-end ring in imitation jewellery. CZ diamonds are a good replacement for diamonds if you are looking for affordable diamond jewellery. If you are looking for beautiful earrings then CZ earrings have a wide range of attractive jewellery at an affordable price but if you already own a beautiful piece of the diamond ring and you are looking for ways to make your diamond ring sparkle again like bright stars then here are some tips for you to make your ring shine again.

Frequency of cleaning your diamond ring

If you are willing to keep your ring looking at its best then try to clean your ring once every week, and you should get your ring clean by any established jeweller whom you can trust, but if you are exposed to oils and specks of dirt where are high chances of oil and pollution then you can increase the frequency. But the frequency can be reduced if you remove your ring every time you work with oil and dirt. Cleaning your ring with help of professionals helps you to restore its quality like new. You can also clean your other jewellery like CZ nose rings and CZ necklaces at home.

Things to avoid while cleaning your diamond ring

Sometimes people damage their diamond rings while cleaning at home. A damaged ring looks even worst than an unclean diamond ring. So there are some chemicals that you should avoid while cleaning your diamond ring, you should avoid using any household cleaner to clean your diamond ring, avoid using bleach, chlorine, acetone, or detergent because they are harsh chemicals that can rust the base metal of your ring, also never use toothpaste and baking soda for your ring because they can easily breakdown the metal especially silver and gold.

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Ultrasonic cleaners at home

Ultrasonic jewellery cleaner is the most used jewellery cleaning process by professionals, but sometimes many people try to do it on their own at their home, which is not a safe process because all the vibration created by the machine can loosen the setting of the diamond and there will be high chances of them to fall, while jewellers always check the intact of the stone before cleaning them. So try to avoid cleaning your ring at home with an ultrasonic cleaner.

How to get your ring cleaned by the professionals

If you bought your ring from any local jeweller then there is a good chance of getting it professionally cleaned. Cleaning your ring from the same place where you purchased it is the best for your jewellery because your jeweller is familiar with your jewellery, and knows how to take care of it, but if you are looking for a new place to get your ring cleaned then talk to the jeweller and ask for the ways to clean your ring and ask about there experience, it would be helpful for you if want to wear your ring for long term.

Care tips for your diamond ring

  • Avoid wearing your diamond ring every day, this will help you to avoid any misshapen to your ring.

  • Avoid wearing rings when you are using lotions, and washing soaps or detergents, especially when the base metal of your ring is gold or silver.

  • Avoid wearing diamond rings if you are getting involved in any activity like swimming, sports, or gardening because they can make your diamond settings lose.

  • Remember to remove your diamond jewellery if you are cooking because the oils can be the cause of the discolouration of your diamond ring.

  • Other products like perfume, sunscreen or hairspray contain harsh solutions that can help your diamond jewellery to lose its shine.

  • When you are removing your jewellery or wearing it again then always remember to pick it up from the band side because it can loosen your diamond setting.

Try to follow these tips, they will help you a lot to take good care of your diamond jewellery and will make them last longer. Diamond jewellery is often considered an asset, so it would be great if you can use them on a special occasion, but if you are willing to wear them in your routine life then always follow these steps to take good care of them.

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Affordable jewellery for regular day

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