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8 Types of Diamond Jewellery for Every Occasion and Every Outfit

Jewellery can be a piece of jewellery for one person and memories for another. It is a style statement for women; for some women, it is a part of their identity. You can get jewellery for every occasion and for every dress. Indian culture is rich in jewellery history and a variety of designs. But sometimes more designs lead to more confusion. It becomes difficult to figure out which jewellery to match your outfit. In this article, we tell you about matching your diamond jewellery with your outfit. Diamonds are versatile and matching your diamond jewellery with your dress will take its elegancy to a next level. You can wear your diamond Customized Jewellery to parties, and to your elegant weddings. Let's see how to pair your diamond jewellery designs for every occasion.

Here are some diamond jewellery pieces to match your outfits:

1.  Diamond earrings

The most versatile diamond jewellery we talk about is diamond studs. You need to give a second thought about getting diamond studs. Because these diamond studs can be worn daily and on occasions. You can pair your studs with any dress. You can wear them with formal, casuals and traditional dresses also. If you are a minimalistic personality and you don’t prefer to carry heavy jewellery on yourself then this is the perfect option to go with. You can get a variety of designs in diamond studs like floral designs, heart-shaped cluttered studs, and solitaire studs in different shapes (oval, round, heart, and square). You just have to wear your dress, put on your makeup and wear your studs, you are ready for the party.

2.  Diamond Rings

Most people choose diamond rings for their engagement and wear them every day to show the love and bond they share. Having a diamond ring is again a good choice to hold on to. You can flaunt your diamond ring with sarees, dresses, formal dresses, and jeans. You can wear them to your housewarming parties, family gatherings and weddings too. You don’t have to get married to wear a diamond ring. There are solitaire rings, cluttered diamond rings and diamond bands which men can also wear. Diamond bands add gentleman ship to the personality of the men wearing them. You can choose from the best diamond jewellery designs available online.

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3.  Diamond Necklace

Here is another piece of jewellery to add to your simplicity. In India, the saree is considered a symbol of simplicity and elegance and is a multi-faceted piece of garment. You can choose to wear any saree with any jewellery. But if we talk about diamond necklaces, you can wear them with a saree as well as a western dress. There is a variety of diamond jewellery designs available for every occasion. If the gathering is formal choose a light necklace with a floral drop pendant and matching drop earrings. For a wedding, to get the royal look, you can choose a multi-chain long necklace or diamond choker from our Indian Artificial Jewellery store.

4.  Diamond Pendant Set

If you want the spotlight on your chick neckline wear a pendant set. Wear it with your party dress. Usually, a party dress doesn’t have any heavy work done on it, so you can choose a heavy pendant with a designer chain and earrings. If you are going with a heavy saree then you can wear a light pendant and earrings to carry that elegant look.

5.  Diamond Nose Pins/Rings

Usually, it's in the frame of mind of many people that nose pins are way too ethnic and it won’t go with western dresses. But if you go and check diamond nose rings online you will be amazed by the versatility of the piece. You will find amazing diamond nose pin designs that will accentuate your chic personality. Choose bold and big designs to give a valiant striking personality vibe.  For daily wear, you can choose a simple single diamond studded nose pin.

6.  Diamond Danglers

Danglers are statement jewellery. If you are not in the mood to carry much on your body then you can choose to wear diamond danglers. Danglers are long-piece earrings that sway side to side when you talk or move. They come down below your ear lobes and the length can sometimes come down to shoulders. Wear your party dress and updo your hair in a pony or bun and put on the danglers.

7.  Diamond Bangles

Every woman loves to wear bangles and if they are diamond necklaces then it's the cherry on the top. To avoid raising eyebrows, people don’t prefer to wear bangles to a party. Traditional bangles can be too much for a simple occasion. But it’s not the case with diamond bangles. They can never be too much for any occasion. You can carry them with western wear also and with sarees and other traditional attires. It is a beautiful piece of jewellery to hold on to your vanity box. Diamond bangles are enough to complete your look for the event.

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8.  Diamond Bracelets

Bracelets are simple yet statement jewellery. Bracelets can effortlessly fit with your party dresses. They add a subtlety and feminine touch to your personality in the party. Carry them with a saree and studded diamond earrings or danglers with a perfect hairstyle.

If you don’t have any of this diamond jewellery, it's never too late to buy one. You can choose from the best diamond jewellery designs available online and in stores.