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Everything You Need To Know About Meenakari Jewellery

If you are a true jewellery lover then you are familiar with the term Meenakari jewellery.  It is mostly worn on festive occasions or at weddings. If you are an admirer of colourful jewellery then you know very well what is meenakari jewellery. Colouring and decorating the surface of a metal with attractive colours are called meenakari. The history of meenakari has come from Persia with the Mughal invaders, but it got popular only after Raja Man Singh of Mewar flaunted it in his portraits.  It got the limelight right after the craftsmen of Jaipur started to make it. It got famous in the Indian as well as international jewellery market and that made Jaipur the hub of traditional meenakari jewellery. It can be made with gold or with 925 Sterling Silver. Imitation Jewellery also has a wide range of meenakari jewellery in an affordable price range.

What is Meenakari Jewellery

Meenakari jewellery is the art of making gold, silver or copper jewellery and infusing it with colourful glass powder and heating together until they are glued together. This art was introduced by the Mughals to India.  Rajasthan is famous for meenakari jewellery. In Rajasthan, Jaipur is the biggest distributor for Meenakari jewellery. This art of jewellery making is very laborious and only done by craftsmen who are specialists in making meenakari jewellery.

Meenakari Jewellery Options

  • MEENAKARI NOSE RING -  Indian women wore nose ring every day. In Rajasthan during the wedding, Indian brides wear large nose rings, these traditional nose rings are Meenakari Nose Ring. They are usually made of gold but Designer Silver Jewellery also have a wide range of meenakari jewellery.

  • MEENAKARI EARRINGS - Meenakari Earrings are an all-time famous option for an earring in Indian weddings. But there is also a various option available in small and light weighted meenakari jhumka or Chandbbali. 

  • MEENAKARI BANGLES – Bridal look is incomplete without an amazing set of bangles. Meenakari bangles are a must-have. It enhances your look and gives a classy and elegant look to you. If you think that bangles are heavy to wear then you can also try Meenakari Bracelet, they are lighter in weight compared to bangles.

  • MEENAKARI NECKLACE- it is a mist have product if you are going to be a bride. There is also the lightweight meenakari necklace option available for those who are looking for a less heavy necklace. 

meenakari imitation jewellery

Meenakari Jewellery Material

Meenakari jewellery was mostly made with gold. Meenakari jewellery is used as traditional jewellery in Rajasthan. So, they are mostly made with gold.  But there are also more affordable options available in Artificial Jewellery.  These days meenakari jewellery is mostly made with Sterling Silver because they hold the enamel well and enhance its quality. Meenakari in copper jewellery is also affordable and looks good. They are also more easily available than comparing to gold.

Online Jewellery Shopping

Online jewellery shopping is a good option for those who have a time management problem. It is hard for people to manage their time for shopping. So online shopping portals made it easy. They are also preferring jewellery shopping online because the online market has more varieties and options available in Artificial Jewellery.  It is hassle-free and a time saver for those who prefer staying at home going shopping. On an online site, it is easy to compare the price of a product. Customers also find it comfortable to shop from their house. So online jewellery shopping is attracting customers these days. Customized Jewellery has a wide collection of jewellery online.

Traditional Indian Jewellery

Indian traditional jewellery has nailed the jewellery market worldwide. Mostly indian jewellery was made with gold, but people are getting attracted to Artificial Jewellery because they are affordable and easy to carry. It also has a wide range of varieties like silver, copper, glass, and also in plastic. Mostly traditional indian jewelley is made with either 925 Sterling Silver or with copper or brass.

meenakari imitation jewellery

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Is meenakari jewellery expensive?

NO, the price range of meenakari jewellery depends on the metal you choose for your jewellery. Gold meenakari jewellery is expensive but if you are looking for affordable jewellery then 925 Sterling Silver is way more affordable and also looks good.

Q2. What is the other traditional jewellery of Rajasthan?

Rajasthan is known for its varities of traditional jewellery. Rajasthan also has different traditional jewellery options in Kundan, Polki, Lac, Thewa jewellery and silver Jewellery.

Q3. Is it ok to buy jewellery online?

Yes, it is safe and protected to buy jewellery online, but still, always check the review to avoid fraud. There are many options available for online jewellery shopping, we also have our website for imitation and artificial jewellery named as Ciero jewels.

Q4. What options do you have available for jewellery?

Ciero jewels have wide range of artificial Traditional jewellery, affordable Imitation Jewellery, and Customized jewellery for everyone.

Q5. What are the options available for men jewellery?

In the men's section there are4 so many options available in Bracelets, tiepins, Cufflinks, Rings, and chains.

Q6. What kind of jewellery will go well with a western outfit?

Minimal jewellery is a great option if you looking for something to wear with a western outfit, you can try a simple necklace with a small pendant or bracelets with ear tops and rings and you also can add watches.