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Customs Procedures to Export Imitation Jewellery, Pearls, Precious Metals, Coins Etc.

The grace of skilfully crafted jewellery is adorned by people from across the globe. If you are into the business of adding finesse to precious metal and rare gemstones so that someone can feel and look their very best while styling the jewellery pieces, then you must leverage the scope of globalization. 

Imitation jewellery is demanded around the globe and buyers are always on the hunt for unique pieces to add to their treasured trinkets. However, selling jewellery to style connoisseurs across the borders is not as easy as selling in India. It requires in-depth knowledge of the global artificial jewellery market and a thorough understanding of the export procedures. 

Many brands, big and small, are successfully exporting the repertoire of elegance worldwide and making huge profits. Keep on reading if you are new to the jewellery export idea and want to learn about the topic inside out.

Some eye-opener jewellery exporting stats

Artificial jewellery and semi-precious jewellery are one of the most traded accessories around the globe. India is proudly exporting jewellery to around 169 countries. In the year 2020, the total export value of artificial jewellery was more than 75 million USD. The top trading partners for jewellery export business from India are the USA, the UK, and the UAE followed by Germany and France. In the past decade, the value of exported jewellery rose by almost 35% which is an eye-opener for brands that are doing great across the country but never planned to expand their reach. Indeed, doing business across borders is full of potential. You can earn in dollars and contribute a lot to the growth of the national economy.

Imitation jewellery export benefits

In the year 2014, jewellery exporters of India experienced the best times of their lives because the highest value of USD 235 million was recorded. The USA is the largest buyer of Indian jewellery but the rest of the globe is also full of growth potential. Exporting jewellery offers endless opportunities to make profits. Further, government schemes are another reason that jewellery exporters are encouraged to expand their global reach.

  • Increased sales and higher profits: Due to the higher competition, selling jewellery in India is not as profitable as exporting. You can enjoy bigger margins and make huge profits on the same pieces. 

  • Brand reputation: Just by involving in exporting business, your brands get global level recognition. The widened reach does all good to your jewellery business. For instance, you can easily instil trust in your buyers. Even the suppliers and vendors would have faith in your capabilities and would prefer you to do business. 

  • Government benefits: Recently the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) was signed between India and UAE. The agreement provides Indian brands to get zero-duty access to the UAE gold market. This action will attract buyers from the global market, eventually, Indian brands would get higher recognition and better opportunities to make profits in foreign currency.

Imitation Jewellery online

Which is the best way of exporting jewellery?

Indian ambition to become a $5 trillion economy by the year 2025 can surely be achieved with export business and imitation jewellery also plays a crucial role in it. The lucrative offer may attract a lot of jewellery dealers across the country, but the process is known to only a few. 

In order to export jewellery, you need to adhere to the guidelines of transboundary movements. Moreover, for exporting pearls and precious metals, lab test reports are also required. In addition to this, a number of certificates such as waste management, pollution control, handling of hazardous material and shipment inspection are required. 

Along with the certificates you would require trade agreements and later comes the hassle of purchase orders and terms of payment and insurance. Not to forget, then comes the most important part of customs clearance. The guide to export jewellery can be a thousand pages long and not a feasible solution for most small-scale jewellery businesses. 

Exporting jewellery is a long and complicated procedure and probably involves a lot of middlemen and hence can be a costly affair. That doesn’t mean small-scale jewellery businesses can leverage the above-mentioned jewellery exporting benefits. There is still a ray of hope for small-scale businesses to expand their reach beyond geographical boundaries and earn profits in dollars. All you need is the power of the internet. 

Ecommerce entities are eligible to export jewellery via courier mode. With the required receipts of product photos and payments, you can easily ship your products worldwide. 

  • The ecommerce method allows you to sell directly to the customer

  • The online method of jewellery export is hassle-free

  • It is also a timesaving mode to make huge profits

  • Ecommerce brands can leverage the power of social media to grow globally

  • All sizes of businesses can access a large pool of global importers or direct customers

Imitation Jewellery online

Closing thoughts 

Ecommerce is boosting the export scene for jewellery businesses in India. Indeed, it is a viable choice for small-scale businesses that can’t afford the long and complicated procedure of permits, licenses, agreements and custom clearance. If interested, you can also sell online by registering as a seller on Ciero Jewels. We specialize in customized jewellery, imitation jewellery and high-quality sterling silver jewellery. Owing to our passionate team of individuals, we have access to a global customer base.
You can leverage our global reach to easily attain the benefits of exporting imitation jewellery online. We will do all the legwork, you don’t even have to establish your organization or attain any export-import certificates. All you need is a desire to bring forth the rich legacy of Indian art, craft and heritage. The utmost finesse in your product catalogue will lure the desired target audience and in no time you can expand your reach. 

Contact us to learn more or simply register as a seller to start making huge profits without any hassle of cross-border shipments.