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Why Customized Jewellery Is Better?

Everybody is unique in their way and so their choices in jewellery designs. Some people prefer customized gold jewellery while others prefer Indian artificial jewellery. Wearing jewellery says a lot about the personality of the wearer. But what’s better than having customized jewellery made only for you.

What is Customized Jewellery?

Customized jewellery is jewellery custom made on your demand according to your design and requirements. This is a way of showing uniqueness for example when you want a customized engagement ring. That ring will be yours and adds an emotional element making your day more special and memorable.

Why Do You Need Customized Jewellery?

In the making of customized jewellery, you will be a part of every step from choosing stones to choosing the design and metal. This way you can get a piece of jewellery in your budget. If gold is expensive you can choose to have customized silver jewellery and Customized imitation Jewellery.

Customized Jewellery

How Customized Jewellery is Made?

This jewellery-making process involves the use of wax models.  Your design is designed in wax first and then put in a plaster mould. Then plaster mould is heated and the wax melts making space for the metal you want your jewellery in. Then the plaster is broken to get the final product. This step is called the lost-wax process.

Customized Jewellery

Benefits of Custom-Made Jewellery

After learning the making process let’s have a look at the benefits of customized jewellery.

  • You can design your jewellery and for that, you don't have to be a jewellery designer. You just need to give the idea of your design; the designer will draw out the rest for you.

  • It is a value-for-money option as you can decide your jewellery design as per your pocket allowance.

  • Custom-made jewellery adds an emotional quotient to your designed article. In this case, you will ask them to make the design connected to your emotions. 

  • It supports local jewellers or small-scale artisans and helps them to promote their skills and you get your piece made pocket-friendly.

  • Jewellers provide good customer service. They care for your emotions and the expectation you have from them. 

  • Customized jewellery takes time to make. The level of focus is more here as compared to mass-produced jewellery. Jewellers focus on quality over quantity because that's how their business will grow and hence their customer base will also increase.

You can get your customized jewellery made at Ciero Jewels. We care for your sentiments and our craftsmen will show that in your jewellery.