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Top 5 Styles and Designs of Vintage Jewellery in India

Vintage Jewellery represents the golden era and gives a site of human evolution. Vintage means from old times, as the time passes their value only increases in their craftsmanship and unique design, it’s not a piece it has its own story. Like gold plated diamond earrings, they are made of pure gold plating, with a unique Handcrafted design which is outstanding, these antique cc can be worn at weddings and auspicious occasions gives you a royal touch on your look.

What are the top 5 styles and designs of Vintage Jewellery in India?

From the by-gone era to the modern world, Artificial Jewellery is often used to denote one’s social status, from the look of one’s jewellery one could guess the status and profession of the wearer. Vintage jewellery has rustic vintage charm and colours with an adorable design that can grip anyone’s attention.

Below is the best vintage jewellery in terms of style and design which are still very popular: -

1.    Tarakashi: - Tarakashi is a modified version of Greek filigree work, developed in the late 1500s in Orissa. The design of Tarakashi is inspired by nature and it is a unique combination of utility and beauty, with silver lining including the elements of flora and fauna, Diamond nose rings with Tarakashi are an awesome combination and give astonishing effect even on a simple look.

2.    Pachchikam: - Pachchikam derived its name from a Gujrati word “Pachchigar” Meaning a Goldsmith, it is made up of soft shimmery metals like platinum or silver but today we use silver more. Usually, glass beads and semiprecious metals add colour to Pachchikam rings, bangles, anklets, trinkets, jhumkis, and pendants.

3.    Thewa: - Thewa art of making jewellery belongs to the 16th century and is still very popular in various parts of Gujrat and Rajasthan, Pratapgarhia goldsmith Nathu lal Sonewal first introduce this design by infusing 23k gold with festive vibrant beads, soon after, it caught the eye of Maharaja Sumant Singh, and it is flourished during his reign.

4.    Meenakari: -  Meenakari is the artistic jewellery form introduced by Raja Mansingh, this jewellery form uses enamelling to amp up the aesthetic coefficient of the ornament. This art form requires many labours; the design is set in gold or silver to complete adornment. Among young fashionists, Meenakari products gain large popularity.

5.    Kundankari: - Kundankari is a 19th-century art, that originated in Rajasthani and Gujarati royal courts, unique claw setting, and Kundan charm are very beautiful that your eyes cannot avoid it. Even today Modern fashion-conscious bride uses earrings, necklaces, and anklets.

6.  Sterling silver 925 Jewellery - is a high-quality plating bracelet that is in high demand, the combination of Kundankari and sterling silver 925 jewellery add glam to your outfit on many occasions.

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What is popular among women in vintage jewellery?

1.    Waist key chain: - It is worn on the waist in India since ancient times in the form of belts, it is tucked in a saree and can be used to keep the keys of the house.

2.    Waist Chain: - This is also known as the girdle, or sash, it is a most sensuous part of Indian bridal attire. Kamarband looks amazing on slim waistlines by shaping the figure.

3.    Nose Ring: - It is an old tradition to wear a nose ring, which provides a beautiful look to the face and it is the most essential part of the bride’s jewellery and joined to the ear by the chain.

4.    Armlets: - Armlets also called bajubandh worn around the upper arm, are used as a finishing touch to arm accessories.

Is vintage imitation jewellery available online and in a cheap jewellery range?

Yes, vintage Imitation Jewellery is available online and in a cheap range, like Diamond nose rings you can buy from the Ciero Jewels Website.

How to check if the jewellery is vintage jewellery or not?

Pay attention to the manufacturing method and take a closer look at any trade markings.