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Tips to Ace the Task of Colorblocking Jewellery

Color Blocking jewelleries and fashion in general was all the rage back in the sixties. It is now back with full force. In color blocking, bold colors are used in a fresh manner. It is generally arranged in stripes. Now that quirky jewelleries are all the rage, color blocking statement jewelleries are often seen everywhere, starting from the runway to the red carpet! 

Indian Fashion Jewellery is highly diverse and unique. The Indian market has never shied away from experimenting with different kinds of style. The Imitation Jewellery Online India market has made it possible for different retailers and designers to introduce multiple kinds of style for the Indian market. The quirky factor of color blocking jewellery that indeed taken the fashion industry by storm. Most importantly, the sophistication of color blocked jewellery gives is so acceptable by the fashion industry. However, color blocking can be a bold trend for a lot.

For all our fashion newbies out there, here are some tips that will help you to ace the style of color blocking. Read further to find out!

Find out the color palette: Color blocking can be a bold statement. Especially for fashion beginners, it can be overwhelming. In order to avert a major fashion faux pas, we recommend choosing two colors. For all our bold women, choose a more daring combination, such as red and blue. However, for the women, who intends to keep it a little subdued, choose a milder combination, such as a deep blue and pastel blue or red and pink.

Know which colors match your complexion: Selecting colors based upon your complexion is pertinent. We recommend choosing the colors depending upon your undertones. People with a cool undertone, go for blue or shades of blue. People with a warm undertone, stick to the red color family.

A minimal outfit: Since color blocked jewellery in itself is a rather bold style statement, we recommend that you stick to the basics when apparels are concerned. We recommend that you style a nude, white or black outfit with color blocked jewellery, for adding that extra pop of color. 

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Throw in some color blocked accessories: Color blocked jewellery is bold in itself. But you know what is bolder? Color blocked accessories. In order to accentuate the quirky self of yours, we want you to style your minimal or neutral outfits with color blocked statement jewellery, quirky handbags and perhaps a color blocked footwear.

Comprehend the Color Wheel: Color blocked trends are not for the faint hearted. In order to ensure that the jewellery stands out you need to ensure that you understand the color wheel. Complimentary colors found at the opposite end of the color wheel compliments each other. For example, blue always compliments yellow and red and green always go together. So, before purchasing your first color blocked jewellery from Ciero Jewels, we suggest you understand the concept of complimentary colors.

Types of Outfits to Compliment Color Blocked Accessories: We have spoken about the color of outfits, now let’s talk about the different types of outfits those compliment color blocked accessories. We suggest you select a neutral colored jumpsuit or pair your color blocked jewellery with a blue jeans and white shirt.

Size: Even though oversized apparels are all in trend, they will just not compliment color blocked jewellery. So, it is better that you stick to the basic well fitted neutral dress to pair with color blocked jewellery.

Color Trends: There are multiple color trends those are prevalent in the market. It is crucial for the fashion beginners to have a detailed idea of the colors those are in trend. For example, a bright yellow color blocked jewellery adds the right amount of chirpiness to a bold summer outfit.

Jewelleries to choose From: Now, there are different types of color blocked jewelleries that you fashionistas can choose from. It can be a statement ring or a bold neckpiece. You can also choose from different types of blocked earrings.

We believe that fashion should be a way of expressing your artistic self. So, don’t be so stuck up about playing by the rules. Experiment with color blocked jewelleries and own your style.

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1. What are different kinds of jewelleries those are available at Ciero Jewellers?

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