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The Secret Powers of the Evil Eye - Why to wear them?

Did the current fad attract you? Have you noticed that so many celebs are obsessed with evil eye jewellery? Almost every day on social media, you can find at least one celebrity sporting their favourite evil eye rings, bracelets, or pendants.  The big blue eye with a white and blue detailing has become a hot trend in Hollywood as well as Bollywood; Kardashians, Gigi Hadid, Shilpa Shetty and Sara Ali Khan are up on the list. 

If you happen to be searching for trendy earrings designs online, chances are high that evil eye patterns would be trending in your search results too. 

In today’s post, let’s find out what’s the reason behind this iconic fashion trend? Is there really a secret power that can protect you from the evil eye? Keep on reading to know if the evil eye imitation jewellery beholds the power of protection or the power of making you look chic.

How evil eye originated?

The origin of the ancient traditions is traced to Greece. In fact, the talisman to ward off the evil eye was popular across the Asian, Arabic and African countries. According to the Greek tradition, people with blue coloured eyes are meant to curse and therefore the blue colour of the evil eye jewellery is used to reflect the curse and protect the wearer.

Do evil eyes bring good luck?

People who believe in malevolent glare are interested in wearing some kind of amulet or protection mechanism. The symbol of the evil eye charm is widely used in artificial jewellery these days. People believe that wearing these pieces can ward off all sorts of dangers.

The evil eye is used for protection against sinful spirits, it is also considered useful to have good vibes, good health and luck. That means if you believe in all this and want a protective glance, then you can get yourself customized jewellery with the blue and white circle evil eye pattern. 

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Which evil eye accessories should you try?

Evil eye accessories can guard you against the evils and it also looks trendy. So by investing in evil eye jewellery, you are getting the best of both worlds, isn’t it? Now the question comes, what designs or patterns look the most beautiful and which one should you try?

Our design curators recommend making the following pieces a part of your evil eye accessory collection: 

  • Rose gold evil eye bracelet

  • Sterling silver evil eye pendant

  • Charm bracelet with beads

  • Layered necklace with evil eye charm

  • Lapis stone earrings with evil eye charm

  • Gold plated evil eye necklace and pendant

Charm necklaces or charm bracelets are getting extremely popular these days. If you are searching for a versatile look, then you can never go wrong with 925 sterling silver jewellery.

Final thoughts

Some people believe that evil eye bracelets are helpful with their health, depression, fatigue or sleeping schedules, while some like to wear them because the pop of colour is perfect for their outfit. Whatever, be the reason, it is assured that by wearing an evil eye necklace you would look chic and fashion-conscious. If interested in finding some trendy inspirations in online traditional jewellery then check out the exclusive collection at Ciero Jewels. We deal in made-in-India pieces and have a wide range of skilfully designed and best-priced earrings, rings and traditional necklaces online

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What does it mean to wear evil eye jewellery?

You can ward off evil by wearing jewellery that has an evil eye charm on it. The symbol offers the power of good luck and good health and also protects the wearer from evil spirits. 

2.  Why do people wear evil eye pendants?

Evil eye jewellery is getting extremely popular among those who believe in wearing a protective glance against malevolent practices. In addition to this, the fashion obsession of celebrities contributed a lot to the current fad of blue and white evil eye symbols in jewellery pieces like bracelets, pendants and earrings.   

3.  What is the cost of an evil eye bracelet?

The cost of an evil eye bracelet depends on the material used in it. Silver charms are affordable, however, pendants made from pure gold with evil eye charms are slightly expensive. One can try imitation jewellery pieces if the cost is prohibitive. Check out the collection at Ciero Jewels which is recognized as the #1 artificial jewellery store online.