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New 25th Anniversary Jewellery Range Is Out Now

Celebrating the quarter of a century together? Let us be the reason behind the dazzling smile on this special occasion.

We are so thrilled to announce that Ciero Jewels have launched the exclusive 25th-anniversary jewellery range. We know how special is the day for you two and our design curators went an extra mile to make the occasion even more memorable. To make this 25th-anniversary special, you can explore our newly launched range of women’s fashion jewelry. 

We are spreading happiness in the form of truly unique artificial jewellery that is proudly made in India. The fun designs feature kundan, zirconia, pearls, sterling silver and many other mesmerizing old-favourite options like meenakari. 

We have thoughtfully curated a unique range so that you can shop to your heart’s content and make a delightful addition to your jewellery stash. Check out the latest collection under the section of 25th anniversary jewellery range or keep on reading to know more about the limited edition designs.

The Regal Choice of Kundan 

The unmatched elegance of Kundans works best to make you feel empowered. You might want to explore our range of Kundan gift options like layered necklace sets, statement earrings or Kundan rings online that represent the facets royal courts of Rajasthan.

The royal and magnificent Kundan designs are best to express your style and they are highly comfortable. Our artisans are passionate about the history and heritage and we make sure that their dedication is precisely reflected in our range of imitation jewellery. Check out the lightweight and finely finished limited edition of Kundan pieces to make your celebration more special. 

CZ Rings

Luminous Cubic Zirconia Rings  

If you have no words to express your feelings to your life partner, let the ring do the talking. The radiance sparkle of zirconia is no less than a diamond. However, you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to own the brilliance of a colourless gemstone. Buy a cubic zirconia ring online from Ciero Jewels that help you stand out in the crowd. 

These rings can effortlessly make a statement when teamed with gowns, sarees or ethnic wear.  Check out our collection to find the right amount of dazzle you need to match your style. 

Handcrafted Tribal Sets

Nothing says extraordinary like our handcrafted  range of tribal art earrings and necklaces. The delicate and unique designs are available in gorgeous colours like red and green that work perfectly to add contrast to your trendiest outfits.

These pieces feature a dainty design but they are extremely lightweight and pretty comfortable to wear all day long. If you want to look dressed up, our range of handcrafted customized jewellery is the right choice. 

The Perfect Accessories In Oxidized Silver 

925 Sterling Silver Jewellery is lovely enough to make anniversary celebrations memorable. The textured silver beauty when combined with the sparkle of pearls or Kundans, the end result is surely a proud smile on the face. 

If silver is your ultimate choice for anniversary gifts, you can explore our vast range of handcrafted sterling silver and oxidized silver designs that just add the right amount of drama and beauty to this world. 

Rings Online

Closing thoughts

When searching for gifts, jewellery is always the preferred option. In order to help you make good choices. We have launched the new anniversary gift range that highlights the best priced kundan, zirconia, silver and pearl artificial jewellery online. Check out before the stock ends!


1.  Which is the best gift for the 25th anniversary?  

Silver is the traditional favourite for 25th wedding anniversaries. In case you are searching for the safest gift option, a sterling silver jewellery set or a ring works the best.

2.  What to buy to celebrate the 25th anniversary? 

You can explore the new 25th-anniversary gift range by Ciero Jewels. We specialize in artificial jewellery and proudly stock a wide range of made in India pieces including sterling silver, pearl, zirconia and Kundan.

3.  How much do you need to spend on a 25th-anniversary gift?

Gifting is a personal preference, so you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket just to follow customs. Make a wise decision and spend on imitation jewellery. You can explore the new 25th anniversary gift range by Ciero Jewels, where amazingly priced options are available including necklace sets, earrings, rings and bracelets.