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Kundan Jewellery - A Complete Guide to This Beautiful Style

Want to adorn yourself with the regal appeal? Try to find the best Kundan jewellery sets online. You will be amazed to see the panache Kundan pieces add to your beauty. 

Moreover, the extravagant look is best achieved with affordable Kundan imitation jewellery on special occasions like Indian weddings. Even the biggest b-town celebs have embraced the intricate details of Kundan and chose the vibes of the bygone era to add a dramatic twist to their glamorous look. From their gorgeous Matthapatti (headpieces) to the layered Ranihaar or statement-making chokers, the ethereal exquisiteness of Kundan is seen everywhere. 

However, if you are clueless about ethnic jewellery styles or want to learn about Kundan in an elaborate form then this post could be pretty useful for you. We will discuss the charm and the story behind Kundan to unearth the key reasons to invest in high-quality traditional artificial jewellery

What is Kundan Jewellery?

Kundan boasts a legacy of over 2500 years. It is considered one of the oldest forms of jewellery to add poise to the wearer. The credit for the rich history of Kundan goes to the royal courts of Rajasthan and Gujarat. However, the worldwide recognition of their unique art is brought out by the Mughal emperors in the 16th century. The legacy was brought to the next generations, where artisans experimented a lot and even introduced Jadau Kundan for the royal ensembles and their furniture. 

The word Kundan literally means pure gold and the Kundan jewellery is made from 24kt pure gold. Kundan jewellery is made with the technique called ‘Jadau’ in which glass diamonds, majorly, rubies, emeralds and sapphires, are pasted on sheets of gold with core wax. So if you hear someone say Jadau jewellery, they are basically referring to the technique of pasting a stone on a gold sheet. It may or may not be Kundan Jewellery, because, Jadau sets are also available in pearls and other precious and semi-precious stone choices. 

You may find affordable options in bridal Kundan jewellery online which is not 24kt pure gold but still imitates the charm and exquisiteness of branded collection. In these affordable pieces, the aura and intricacy is maintained with skilled craftsmanship. However, the precious and semi-precious stones are replaced with glass and the pure gold base is replaced with an affordable metal alloy. 

Kundan imitation jewellery

Why Kundan is so enchanting?

If we look at the current jewellery obsession of the top jewellery brands, designers or filmmakers, who are the obvious trendsetters in India, it can be seen that Kundan is a regular favourite. From brides to their mothers to their friends or even the grooms, everyone can be spotted flaunting a piece of rich Indian culture and heritage. 

Though there has been a significant evolution in the style of Kundan jewellery, still it is a fashion staple for many. Especially, the rising demand for bridal Kundan jewellery sets online is quite apparent. Certain unique pieces are part of the treasured trinket collection of women who happily pass down these beauties to generations. Let’s take a look at the key reasons behind Kundan being the unrivalled hero in the settings of Indians and their jewellery obsession. 

  • The eclectic pairing of Kundan with a bright coloured outfit is undoubtedly the best combination ever. In India, we still prefer wearing vibrant apparel on special occasions and Kundan does the job to balance out the hues perfectly.

  • Knowing the fact that the stones are pasted on a base of pure gold, gives real opulence to the look of the wearer. If you want to create an upscale vibe, Kundan pieces are surely the best choice. The magnificence of Kundan is hard to find in other forms of jewellery.

  • Mesmerizing Kundan designs are available in a vast variety. Therefore, the striking beauty of Kundan can match the taste and style preferences of everyone. From the vivacious styles of chokers and ranihaars to the sleek and minimal-looking Kundan stud earrings or pendants, the one-of-a-kind pieces can surely be found to make family heirlooms. 

  • Kundan is indeed an extravagant affair and not everyone can afford 24kt jewellery. Therefore, artisans and jewellery designers have come up with the idea of affordable luxury. Nowadays, there is hype about traditional artificial jewellery. You can easily own the unmatched allure of real Kundan via imitation customized jewellery.

At Ciero Jewels, we specialise in letting you flaunt the vivacious panache of Kundan at a fraction of the cost. Discover our iconic collection or speak to our artisans to customize a piece of jewellery perfectly complementing your bridal blush. 

How the intricate craft of Kundan is made?

Kundan is the epitome of divine beauty. The jewellery pieces are made with intricately carved gold frames which are usually filled with core wax. The entire frame can’t be made in 24kt as pure gold is too soft and hardly malleable. Therefore, artisans use pure gold for the base and the rest of the frame can be carved to the desired purity standards.  Whereas, imitation jewellery artisans use slightly different metal alloys to craft the Kundan jewellery. The Jadau technique remains the same; the framework is carefully filled with lac (wax). The only difference in crafting affordable Kundan jewellery is to replace precious stones with high-quality glass stones and alter the grades of pure gold metal with other affordable options like copper, silver or brass.

In addition to this, the backside of Kundan is usually finished by adding a stunner meenakari work. The colourful enamel adds a real grace to the design standards and makes the pieces reversibly worn. If interested, you can also explore the iconic range of Meenakari Gold Jewellery Online at Ciero Jewels. The gorgeousness of meenakari art with the Kundan radiance are the best options to own a classy piece.