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Cool Maang Tikka to Lookout This Wedding Season

When it comes to Indian fashion jewellery we have different varieties for any occasion. If you are looking for bridal jewellery then there are so many pieces available for women from head to toe. Maang tika is headpiece jewellery for women that beautifies your head and hair, it is an elegant piece of traditional Indian jewellery. Maang tikkas have caught the eyes of international fashion icons, they love to style traditional Indian jewellery and flaunt them beautifully. Indian fashion jewellery always attracts people around the world, they are known for their different varieties and options, India has the biggest market for fashion jewellery. Indian Imitation Jewellery has a wide range of beautiful maangtikka designs available at a reasonable rate.

Here are some cool Maang tikka styles to enhance your look.

1.    Chandbali maang tikka

Chandbali maang tika is the headpiece version of a chandbali earring. It is made in a crescent moon shape. It looks good when you pair them with matching earrings and traditional outfits. You can also buy.

2.    Borla

Borla is a Rajasthani mang tikka design, worn for hundreds of years by the women of Rajasthan. This is a custom part of Rajputi marriage. Borla is usually made of gold with heavy Kundan work.

3.    Passa

Passa is a traditional piece of head jewellery that is worn on one side of your head. This jewellery was mostly worn by Mughal queens. This headpiece gives your attire a very classy and ethnic look.

4.    Matha Patti

Matha Patti is head jewellery that beautifies the crown of your head and forehead. It comes in a very variety of Kundan Jewellery,  Imitation Jewellery and 925 sterling jewellery. It is mainly worn by the bride at her wedding.

5.    Pastel maang tikka

It exactly looks like it is named. Pastel maang tika is a form of Customised Jewellery. It comes in many colourful options. It is also can be worn by anyone on any occasion. The colourful work of this maang tika gives it a vibrant and chick look.

6.    Studded  maang tikka

This is one of the most famous kinds of maang tikka, Indian Artificial Jewellery has a wide range of studded maang tika. It is mainly worn by young girls. its blink attracts people.

Imitation  MaangTikka Jewellery

Different ways to style your maang tikka

  1. Borla maang tikka- It is a traditional Rajasthani headpiece worn by Rajasthani Rajput brides on their wedding day. It is also available in the affordable price range in imitation jewellery.

  2. Multi-layer matha Patti- it is a perfect piece of jewellery if you are looking for elegant jewellery. It comes in chain style which usually covers the crown of your head and gives you a beautiful look.

  3. Polki Maang tikka – This style was mostly used by the Royal families during the time back. It is made with beautiful uncut diamonds. they form a water drop shape when they study altogether.

Other Indian classic jewellery

  • Jhumkas – Jhumkas are the traditional Indian earring. They are usually made in a bell shape. It looks attractive when styled with a traditional Indian saree.

  • Anklet – anklets are worn by most Indian married women., it has small bells attached to them and makes sounds whenever you walk with them.

  • Bangels – Bangels play an important role in traditional Indian jewellery. But these days women avoid wearing bangles because they create sounds while working.

  • Kangan – Indian bracelets are known as Kangana, women prefer wearing bracelets over bangles because they do not make sounds, and also it is more comfortable to carry.  

  • Rings – rings play an important role for wedding couples, people prefer wearing rings on their ring fingers. There are so many options available in artificial jewellery for rings

Jewellery online

People are preferring affordable jewellery pieces available online. There are so many different options available for imitation jewellery that catch everyone's attention, buying jewellery online is the most convenient way of buying jewellery for customers. They look beautiful and are budget-friendly.

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Q1. Why do Indian brides wear maang tikka at their wedding?

According to Indian customs, brides should wear maang tikka on their wedding day, because they believe that maang tikkas enhance the beauty of the bride and it also saves them from any evil eye or bad omen.

Q2. Give some maang tikka ideas for round shaped face woman?

Women with round face shapes can rock any kind of maang tikka, but a less detailed maang tikka with a simple chain usually enhances the beauty of their face and complement their round face, a teardrop maang tikka made of Kundan jewellery will also compliment their face shape.

Q3. How can I style maang tikka?

You can style a maang tikka with traditional Indian dresses like a saree, salwar suit or lehenga. they look attractive when you wear them with traditional outfits.

Q4. What is the name of traditional Mughal maang tikka style?

The traditional Mughal maang tikka is worn on one side of the head. this is also called Passa or Jhoomer.

Q5. What is the other traditional jewellery that can be worn with maang tikka?

There is a wide range of traditional jewellery to wear with your maang tikka. You should try huge matching Kundan earrings with your maang tikka, you can also wear a heavy necklace with your maang tikka, or you should try it with heavy bangles and anklets. But remember to never team them up altogether.

Q6.  What are the other options available in Cheap Jewellery Online?

There is a wide range of artificial jewellery available online in silver, CZ diamond, copper jewellery, and Imitation jewellery.

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