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Women and their love for jewellery are magical. Jewellery has always been a pretty form of self-appearance. Our taste and preference in jewellery show not just our style, but also our personality, values and moods. At Ciero Jewels, we offer you a wide range of exclusive womens designer jewellery and diamond nose rings online at affordable costs.

Be the witness India’s finest diamond and gold jewellery with Ciero Jewels. With so many options available online for diamond and gold jewellery. Here we also provide you with customized gold jewellery options at a competitive price. So what are you waiting for? Instead, make your fashion sense more elegant and enhance your beauty by adding the unique collection of gold and diamond jewellery from our shop.  

How to buy diamond rings online in India?

Nowadays people prefer online shopping rather than going to the shop. From the online stores, you can buy everything slightly, but with a big purchase you feel is it safe to buy online. The answer is yes by following the tips you can easily buy diamond rings online in India.

Set a Budget      

Before buying diamond rings online in India or any other place you should set a budget. It helps you to save your time, money and efforts. It also helps you in preventing any financial stress. Generally, the diamond rings prices are different according to their 4cs (colour, cut, carat weight and clarity).  

Choose Your Setting

After setting the budget, you have to choose the setting type of the diamond ring. There are numerous setting options available online, but your ring setting should be based on your decided budget. 

Choose a Diamond

The first thing you should keep in mind while choosing the diamond is its shape. Though the most popular shape of the diamond is round, you should choose the cut according to the setting. When you buy diamond rings online always look for the best cut quality of the stone as it is the biggest indicator of a diamond’s beauty. 

Imitation Jewellery

Tips to choose a perfect diamond nose rings online

Elegant, traditional and always in style, the nose rings have been a favourite jewellery piece of an Indian woman. The matter with the nose rings starts with the moment when a woman decides to pierce. So there are some tips mentioned before buying the diamond nose rings online to get you a perfect look.

Choose the setting

Choosing the right setting before buying the diamond nose rings online is important. Mainly in diamond nose rings there are two settings bezel and prong. 

Choose the style

While purchasing the diamond nose rings online choose the style of the nose rings that is wire setting and screw set.

Metal Colour

While buying the diamond nose ring choose the metal colour according to your taste and preference as diamond will reflect differently in different colours of metal. The white gold will allow the diamond to shine while the yellow gold will provide you with a classy look. So choose the best for you.

Choose the Design

Before buying the diamond nose ring look for the different designs available. This will help you to get a diamond nose ring that will perfectly suit you. 

Imitation Jewellery

How to find the perfect Imitation jewellery online?

People usually relate jewellery with luxury but this must not always be the same. A simple, classy yet fashionable and shiny look can make a great look. Not all the time women prefer to wear gold and diamond jewellery. That is when she chooses imitation jewellery. You must be heard about it from your family, friends and relatives or must see it on the internet. The Imitation jewellery online available on the internet is perfect for women who are looking for something new in fashion. 

The Imitation jewellery is easy to carry so wear to your office, college and friends it never goes wrong. But before buying Imitation jewellery online you should keep a few things in mind.

Research for what you want

While purchasing the Imitation jewellery online you should know what you want in it. For example, if you are looking for metal jewellery you should choose which type of metal, you want. While buying online always read the reviews of the customers. The customers have posted their own experiences with jewellery, so their feedback will help you to buy the thing. 

Know your size

Knowing your size before purchasing Imitation jewellery, helps you to get jewellery that will perfectly fit you and adore your beauty. The size of the jewellery always creates a great impact on the look of a person if it perfectly fits a person it gives a good look. So always check your size before buying. 

Read the policies of the company

Before buying Imitation jewellery always read the return and shipping policies of the company. You also make sure that you understand the return policies of the company. A respected online seller like Ciero Jewels will mention their jewellery policy on their website so that the customer does not face any issues. 

Compare Prices of the Jewellery

If you are buying Imitation jewellery online compare the prices of it with other designer jewellery. This will help you to get a perfect piece of Imitation jewellery at a reasonable cost. 


1.    Why do people prefer customized gold jewellery?

People preferred customized gold jewellery so that they can make the jewellery according to their budget, taste and designs.

2.    Is it safe to buy Imitation jewellery online?

Yes, it is fully safe to buy Imitation jewellery online.

Conclusive Statement

Ciero Jewels are one of the most famous jewellery stores in India. We have gold and diamond jewellery along with Imitation jewellery. Buy diamond nose rings online at the most competitive price from us. We also provide customized jewellery and artificial jewellery options.