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6 Ways You Can Keep Your Artificial Jewellery All New and Lustrous

When your designer saree sways with the wind, you run your freshly manicured fingers through the hair and pose with your gorgeous Kundan choker necklace which reflects the true epitome of beauty. In the back of your mind, you are constantly worried about the finesse of your accessories that are captured in a high-definition photograph. With all the hype and thanks to social media, stunner pieces of imitation jewellery can be found online very easily. Although, it takes a lot to preserve the age-old charm of ethnic jewellery. 

While modern jewellery makers are experimenting with a variety of techniques and metal alloys to make artificial jewellery maintenance-free, still caution needs to be practised when it comes to sealing the gorgeousness for a long time. In today’s post, we will discuss, the top 6 ways, through which you can redefine your style statements for years with the same set of CZ imitation jewellery.

Why proper care is important for artificial jewellery?

Investing in good quality fashion jewellery is important as it is considered priced possession by many. You keep updating your jewellery stash with the latest designs, but as we all know fashion goes and comes back; it becomes apparently crucial to bring back the lustrous choker lying in the back of your cupboard. 

Artificial jewellery is affordable pieces made from metal alloys different than gold or silver. The base metal is usually copper or brass. The final look that imitates the yellow radiance of gold and the understated elegance of platinum and silver is achieved with micron plating techniques. Investing in good quality jewellery means the silver pieces won’t develop a black patina over time whereas golden jewellery would remain the same even after multiple uses. Still, it is important to understand the fact, that the jewellery is not crafted out of pure gold, thus proper care and maintenance are essential to keep them lustrous and new forever.

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Secrets for keeping your artificial jewellery like new forever

Moisture is the enemy of the prized possessions you got from an artificial jewellery online store. Keep your treasured trinket away from water, especially soapy water. If you are wearing a bracelet or a gorgeous CZ ring. Please bother to take it off while entering a pool or taking a spa. Ideally, you should not do any household chores that involve water and chemicals, while wearing artificial jewellery. The top coat may deteriorate with chemicals and over time the lustre can get gloomy.

Sweat is the most unknown threat to the lustre of your artificial jewellery. You spent months deciding the bridal look. You talked with multiple designers to get your hands on customized jewellery and now wearing it after just one event, the jewellery pieces are not as new as they are meant to be. You wondered, what went wrong? Unfortunately, it’s the sweat that affected the polish and created a patina. Protect your jewellery from sweat if you want to enjoy the new-like finish for long.

Cleaning the jewellery the right way is also crucial to maintain the unmatched allure for multiple usages. Never ever use harsh cleaners to clean your jewellery. Scrub the delicate pieces with a q-tip to get rid of the dirt and dust stuck in the nooks and corners of the jewellery pieces. You can wipe the pieces with paper towels. If you have invested in water-proof artificial jewellery, then you can use water to clean the pieces. But only use a gentle shampoo, preferably the ones used for babies. Using a gentle cleanser ensures that the polish remains intact after cleaning.

Wearing order is often the most neglected aspect of caring and maintenance of artificial jewellery. Imagine getting ready and wearing the heavy online traditional jewellery you bought for a special event. Wearing the bangles or the bracelets before putting on the lehenga is certainly not the wisest choice. It may get tangled with the laces of your blouse or the sequins of the dupatta. When flaunting your sartorial elegance with artificial jewellery, always keep it the last to put on and first to take off. 

Chemicals are also damaging to the surface of the jewellery. Whenever getting ready, keep your jewellery protected against body lotions, body sprays, perfumes, hair setting and makeup setting sprays. If you have to wear jewellery, apply all your make-up first and then wear the jewellery to avoid getting the jewellery in contact with polish damaging chemicals. 

The storage of artificial jewellery also plays a key role in the longevity of the lustre. If you don’t want your pretty chokers and pendants to look dull and lifeless. Avoid putting all your jewellery in one box. Artificial jewellery when not in use should be stored neatly and separately in airtight packaging. You can use zip lock pouches or silk and velvet bags to store artificial jewellery. The trick works best to protect the jewellery from moisture when not in use. Neatly categorize your artificial jewellery according to the metal or polish and store similar pieces in one place. 

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Closing thoughts

Gone are the days when people had to throw the worn artificial jewellery because of the tarnishing or dull finish. Nowadays, jewellery makers are exploring innovative methods to make anti-tarnish and waterproof artificial jewellery that can be worn every day without the fear of losing its sheen. Although, following the care, instructions is crucial to make the most out of your investments. With a few tips and tricks, the enchanting charisma of artificial jewellery pieces can remain lustrous for years. 

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