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12 Jewellery Mistakes That You Must Stop Immediately

Jewellery is a crucial part of every woman’s life and having the right knowledge base to keep your jewellery set in a qualitative from is even more important. Whether it’s Imitation Jewellery, Customized Jewellery, 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery, or any other form of artificial jewellery online in India, you need to keep the jewellery sets in proper order.
Artificial jewellery including Cubic Zirconia Ring Online and Kundan Jewellery Sets Online from Ciero Jewels is made-up with an explicable process that makes the handling activity quite an easy task for you. With the premium jewellery sets by Ciero Jewels, you are also given a comprehensive guidelines template so that you can maintain the luster and shine of the jewellery for long duration.

However, people often get into some common jewellery mistakes due to lack of adequate knowledge and expertise. We have elaborated some of these mistakes along with the right set of measures.

1. Unawareness about jewellery making process

Before proceeding to buy jewellery set, one must ask the seller about that jewellery set’s making process. The type of metal used plays a vital role in determining the worth of that jewellery item. Not every type of jewellery is made from precious metals such as gold and silver. Therefore, you must check whether the jewellery contains same components as that of mentioned in its specifications section.

Sometimes, the jewellery made from less expensive materials might provide to be allergic to skin and can turn black or green within a few days of usage. This happens due to the artificial plating done on those metals that fades away over time. Therefore, you need to check the authenticity of that metal and be careful to while buying any type of jewellery from any store.

2. Daily repetition of same jewellery set

Wearing the same set of jewellery on daily basis may cause it to become grimy and lusterless. One might not even notice it and therefore, the weekly cleaning of your jewellery is very important. A warm water and soap bar is sufficient to cleanse your jewellery set that you wear regularly. Changing the jewellery for everyday use will also help in protecting them from deteriorating. If you wish to get a brand new look to your everyday jewellery set then try learning some jewellery design courses from fashion and styling institutes which are affordable and effective.

3. Lack of creativity

In order to get a prominently stylish look, you need to try a hand on creative measures for perfect dressing and jewellery combination. Trial and error method might also give quite impressive results in this endeavour. This process might also suggest you that you need to buy some relevant jewellery sets that suit your preferences and match perfectly with your dressing sense.

4. Poor maintenance

Every jewellery set requires to be maintained properly in terms of cleaning, washing, and storing aspects. Whether it’s a daily wear jewellery or occasion usage jewellery, one must take of it with utmost precision. Washing it from time to time or scheduling the cleanup session twice a year might give you great results. The cleaning frequency would depend upon the type of jewellery. To remove tarnish, you can use a warm water and gentle soap. Some professionals can help upkeep your jewellery polish by using polishing cloth or silver dip. One important point to note is that never wash your jewellery in harsh manner.

5. Using improper ways for cleaning jewellery

Personalised cleaning of jewellery is important, but the method of cleaning is even more essential point to think upon. The ways of cleaning jewellery depend upon the type of jewellery. Some method might work great on one particular jewellery type and may not necessarily be suitable for other types as well. For instance, the usage of baking soda and toothpaste works great to clean the metal jewellery, but it’s harmful for the jewellery items that contain a depleting effect or are abrasive. Some other types of improper ways for cleaning jewellery include usage of alcohol on certain gemstones. Getting a professional hired to cleanse your jewellery is the most suitable option in this regard.

Imitation Jewellery

6. Not taking off jewellery when drenched in water

When you are showering or in the water bodies such as swimming pool, make sure to always take off your jewels. This is an important concern as your jewellery might get damaged due to the residues of soaps or other bathing components. Swimming pools and other such water bodies contain various chemicals such as chlorine that can cause the precious stones and jewels to deteriorate severely and lose their colour and shine. The salty water of sea is yet another eroding component for gold and various other types of jewellery metals.

7. Not having proper place for jewellery storage

Keeping your jewellery at right place is very crucial. Silver sterling jewellery or any other precious stoned jewellery is very susceptive of tarnishing due to humidity. Open-air is also responsible to make your jewel look dusty and dark. Therefore, keep your jewellery at a humid free and air-tight space. Rubbing off the gemstones and jewellery pieces against each other might also result in scratch.

8. Not folding the necklace properly 

Proper folding or enveloping the necklace and other types of long-chained jewellery is very important to prevent it from getting tangled. Otherwise, you might end up wasting a huge chunk of time in untangling it and causing it a severe damage in terms of the texture and smooth luster of the chain.

9. Ignoring the ethics concern while buying jewellery 

Ethics work as the backbone of selection criteria and asking some simple questions to results in the great clarity of adequate choices. Some of the key points to ask such questions include the honesty of the jewellery dealer about the quality of raw material, designs, gemstones used to manufacture that jewellery, rating of the jewellery, etc.

10. Visiting low-cost stores to purchase jewellery

Jewellery pieces are precious and should be bought with caution. You don’t buy jewellery with the mere purpose of casual use; instead, they hold an important symbolism of your values and stylizing sense. Therefore, never compromise with the quality of your jewellery by visiting any low-cost store with the intention of receiving inexpensive or cheap jewellery. There are various online stores available in India such as Ciero Jewels that offer great quality jewellery items at affordable prices. That means, you don’t need to visit any low-quality store now.

11. Buying an unsuitable necklace for your neckline 

People often choose the necklace on the basis of their outfit. However, the right selection of necklaces also includes keeping your necklace into consideration. For example, a short-chain necklace goes well with a long neck and long chain necklace is suitable for collarbone structured neckline. To change the necklace length, Ciero Jewels offers some beautiful necklace extenders that can give a perfect look based on the type of outfit and occasion.

12. Choosing a ring size that does not fits you properly

In online shopping, you might face this problem wherein the ring delivered to you does not match with your actual ring size. Therefore, determine your ring size in advance and save your money from going in vain by avoiding the instance of selecting an inadequate sized ring.