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10 Tips For Safely Buying Jewellery Online In India

Online shopping trends have changed drastically after the recent pandemic. Thanks to the changing buyer preferences, it has become easy for artisans to spread their skills and meticulousness across the geographies. A buyer sitting in her living room in Bangalore can shop for the antique meenakari necklace made by the craftsmen of Jaipur. Isn’t it amazing to use technology to shop for Indian artificial jewellery and create style statements effortlessly?

Just like the number of online buyers is increasing day by day, there has been a steady rise in the number of sellers of artificial jewellery online in India. Due to the vast availability of choices, it becomes difficult to choose the most reputed sellers. Some of these sellers are pretty genuine and some are just selling cheap jewellery online. If you don’t want to feel cheated by the shipment of a necklace with missing clasps or a pair of tarnished earrings, you need to practice caution while shopping for jewellery online.

Let’s discuss the top 10 Ways to Grab a Great Deal on Imitation Jewellery Online. 

1. Check HTTPS: Before you begin surfing an online jewellery store, make sure to check the website URL. The ‘s’ in the HTTPS stands for a secure website. It means the website uses encrypted protocols and your data is protected.

2. About us section: Online jewellery shopping can be done once you are confident enough about the seller. Go through their official website, the information shared on the about us section and their whereabouts. If you can’t find satisfactory information, then it’s best to steer clear of the store.

3. Product Description: The only limitation of shopping for artificial jewellery online is that you have to make purchase decisions based on the product image. Avoid making silly mistakes by just looking at the photos and go with a fine-toothed comb in the product description section. Read carefully about the product material, finish, and most importantly the size.

4. Product photography: Another red flag to steer clear of shady services is the use of stock images. A genuine seller would never want to misguide their buyers with fake photography.

5. Terms and conditions: In a world full of cyber-crimes, make sure to practice some caution and carefully read the terms and conditions before ordering. The privacy policies, payment protocol and other key things are clearly mentioned in the T&C section. Don’t shop if you find anything doubtful. 

Imitation Jewellery

6. Return and refund: When you order customized jewellery online, it’s likely that you don’t get what you want. To minimize the stress levels, confirm the return, refund and exchange policies before ordering. 

7. Shipping policies: You are excited about the stunning Kundan bridal set you ordered online and suddenly you find out that the parcel is lost in transit. In such a case, you expect the seller to bear the loss. Apparently, you need to be well aware of the shipping policies, whether they are insured or not in case of damage or loss.

8. Product reviews: You want to order a 925 sterling silver jewellery set so badly but the reviews say that the pieces will tarnish right after the first usage. Would you buy it? Never order in a hurry and always read the reviews before hitting the ‘buy now’ button. 

9. Customer care services: Another smart way to differentiate between a genuine seller and a shady service is the availability of customer support. It showcases their professionalism and integrity when you know that the customer service is available 24/7.

10. Social media presence: There are numerous jewellery stores online, some of which are mere websites to commit online frauds. Be wise and search for their social media presence before ordering. Only order from a website that has a reliable presence on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube.

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Imitation Jewellery

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why buy artificial jewellery online?

You get your hands on the prettiest and trendiest designs from the comfort of your home when you choose to shop jewellery online.

2. How to find a trusted website of artificial jewellery online?

Genuine websites have real product reviews. They have a dedicated customer service department. They don’t use stock images and they win customers’ trust with their return and refund policies.

3. Which is the best store for imitation jewellery online?

Ciero Jewels is a trusted place to shop for artificial jewellery. They have the latest designs which are proudly made in India. Their price range is affordable and they ensure top quality by using premium-grade metals and gemstones.