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7 Reasons to Start Buying Sterling Silver Jewellery | Is sterling silver good for everyday wear?

Wearing the right dress with matching jewellery can accentuate your look for the evening. Silver has been in use for ages. Women wear silver toe rings, anklets, and kadas as a symbol of marriage. But recently 925 silver jewellery picked up the pace and took place of real silver ornaments.  There is a wide range of ornamental varieties available in the market. You can get silver rings, earrings, anklets, brooches, bracelets and traditional necklaces online for women.

7 reasons to Buy 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery

1.    Affordable price

As compared to silver, 925 sterling silver is cheaper. This sparkly metal comes at an affordable price, making it available for a wide range of classes. From the lower middle class who can’t afford pure silver to the upper middle class can pick sterling customized silver jewellery.

2.    Variety of designs available

A huge variety of designs is available in Indian fashion jewellery. Because of its high tenacity, the metal can be moulded in any shape, pattern, or available customized design. If you have an antique piece from your grandma can choose to go for imitation jewellery designs in sterling silver. 

3.    Highly durable and versatile

The metal offers high versatility and durability. The colour and shine of the metal add up the glitter to every skin tone and colour. Gold and diamond both are expensive, but you can wear your diamonds in sterling customized silver jewellery as it provides the perfect amount of grip to the stone and is a great affordable choice. 925 silver jewellery is long-lasting because of the presence of alloy in the metal. You can wear them however you want meaning rough and tough, unlike other pure metals. 

4.    Always in trend

Silver has and will always be in style because its colour tone compliments every dress and every occasion. You get the best statement silver jewellery online made for people who want to show themselves.  For traditional dresses and festive occasions, sterling silver offers great options. 

5.    Low maintenance

925 sterling silver jewellery requires minimum maintenance. The reason behind this is its property to resist corrosion and rusting. 

6.    Hypoallergenic 

The best quality of this metal is that it is hypoallergenic. As some people are allergic to metals that lose their colour or cause skin rashes. 

7.    Stock up on different customized silver jewellery 

Being affordable and low maintenance, you can stock up to a variety of 925 silver jewellery ornaments for every 
occasion and dress.

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Q1. What is sterling silver?

Sterling silver or 925 sterling silver or sterling silver all are the same. 925 sterling silver is made from 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% alloy, which is mostly copper.

Q2. Where can I buy customized silver jewellery?

You can purchase silver jewellery online at Ciero Jewels. The online store exhibits a variety of customized jewellery and imitation jewellery