Meenakari MaangTikka For the Right Amount of Desi Glam

Nothing can beat the dash of desi glam that a Traditional Meenakari Maangtikka offers. If a wedding event is on the card, you don’t need loads of makeup to look fabulous. Just put your jewellery in order and you are good to go. You will be amazed to see the potential of a Meenakari Maang tikka to transform your look. The touch of glamour of a maang tikka is effortlessly attained. To create lasting impressions at a special gathering, make sure to Buy Meenakari Maangtikka from Ciero Jewels.

Ciero Jewels is the ultimate shopping destination for made-in-India Meenakari Maangtikka for women. Our iconic collection of maangtikka and bridal jewellery is perfect to make a grand entrance or create hype-worthy Instagram posts. Check out the lightweight and affordable range of meenakari jewellery pieces and be the topic of conversation.

Tips to Buy Meenakari MaangTikka Online

When you are confident about your style preferences, you can go bold and Buy Big Maang Tikka Online. The oversized fashion is surely statement worthy and these amazing oversized designs at Ciero Jewels are second to none in terms of quality, style and price. When buying a maangtikka online search for colours that are subtle. Lotus patterns are high in demand in meenakari fashion,you can search for amazing floral designs to be the topic of conversation.

Meenakari is a playful combination of different colours that perfectly complement the bling of your outfit. Keep your outfit subtle to match the elegant vibes of the coloured enamel. Otherwise, there will be too much for the eyes of the onlookers. Shop exclusive and design range of meenakari tikka in gold or silver or whatever that appeals to you the most only from Ciero Jewels. 

Why Buy Meenakari Maangtikka Jewellery From Ciero Jewels?

Ciero Jewels has become the preferred store for artificial jewellery online because of our skilled craftsmen and our attention to detail. Our products are made from high quality material and thanks to our design curators we can provide you with countless excuses to look good.

For a trendsetting look, you can explore our vast range of high quality Meenakari Diamond Finish MaangTikka, Gold Plated Meenakari MaangTikka, and Silver Plated Meenakari Maang Tikka.

You can even let your creative juices flow by ordering our high in demand Meenakari Customized MaangTikka. The millennial generation and the non-conventional brides are big fans of our Customized Jewellery. Jewellery can lift your look, but a custom designed piece can deeply satisfy your soul. If you need something unique and truly unconventional, let us fulfil your demand. You can share the design references, with our experts a unique and custom made Meenakari MaangTikka can be yours at an affordable price.

Style guide for meenakari maang tikka

We have a wide range of maang tikka, some are adorned with diamonds, some are subtly finished with silver plating and some have bold golden hues. Picking the right style is important to augment the grace and poise in your look.

No need to devote much time to styling the tikka, keep in mind to balance the look. When wearing an oversized tikka, keep the earrings minimal. Or better, if you skip them. It’s in vogue to wear a maang tikka and ditch the earrings. When shopping for a maang tikka, always pay attention to your facial structure. A narrow face looks best in a broad maang tikka, similar to balancing the look for a round face, you can go with a smaller design.

When wearing a meenakari jewellery set, try to find accessories that complement the enamel art. Don’t put what you get your hands on first and pay attention to the pattern and style of the fabric of your outfit. A design or detailing of your sartorial taste should gel with the elegance of your meenakari maang tikka. 

Keep the hair neatly tucked in a bun. A low romantic bun is definitely the vibe you would need in summers. If you wish to keep the hair open, make use of hair spray to tame the frizz.

When applying hair spray, keep your maang tikka covered with another hand. Avoid contact with chemicals to ensure the longevity of your imitation jewellery. When not in use, keep them securely packed in an air-tight pouch to protect the polish from getting tarnished. 

Imitation Jewellery- Affordable Fashion Online

With ever evolving fashion trends, updating the jewellery stash is possible if your treasured trinket collection is made from Artificial Jewellery. At Ciero Jewels, you get high quality Indian Fashion Jewellery that matches the style preferences of everyone.

From buyers who seek all the glamour and glitz to buyers who find solace in minimal designs, something is available for everyone in the store. Shop for a demure look or go crazy with all the bling, every choice is valued and can be fulfilled with the skin-friendly, lightweight and affordably priced range at Ciero Jewels

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