Beautifully Customized Bangles At A Reasonable Price

Slip into your favourite bangles and you will feel so special about yourself. It is the power of accessorizing. Well, needless to say, bangles are the most loved accessories in India and they sure do add panache to a desi avatar. However, the availability of various styles can often make it challenging to find a perfect pair that matches your sartorial elegance.

Ciero Jewels offer you the freedom to create your own style and perk up an outfit in a way you like. The glitz and shine of customized bangles will surely be a conversation starter at gatherings and events.

Connect with us, share the reference images and make your own magic in the form of personalized bangles. Our offered bangles are customized from extremely lightweight and skin-soothing material. They are best to be styled all day long. The quality assurance does justice to the bridal outfit. Besides, we offer services for customized bangles with names, so the bangles can make a perfect gifting option for birthdays and anniversaries.

Our experts will analyse the customization request and will get back to you within two hours. So complement your style with a design that you like only with customized imitation jewellery at Ciero Jewels.

What type of customization is available for bangles?

No matter how you style your outfit unless you add some bangles, your glitzy avatar won’t look complete. Whether it’s the subtle detailing of gemstone embellishments or the base metal, bangles can contribute a lot to add to your oomph quotient. So here we are, customizing your favourite party staples with meticulous care. 

The intricate patterns and charming beauty of bangles can be customized in the following ways at Ciero Jewels.

  • Customized bangles for wedding

Bangles can be a statement piece for a bridal look. Also known as Chura, the bridal bangles are surely a work of art. Manufactured pieces are readily available but not necessarily they are meant for you. To exude a dramatic look, you can get your bridal bangles customized by us. 

We thoughtfully bring forth the harmony of colours and engraving to make sure that the finished piece does justice to your bridal trousseau. Get in touch with our design experts to create a designer bridal bangle set that will have an impossible-to-miss aura.

The alluring appeal of a bridal look can be completed with our customized bangles. The options are endless but to name a few, we can customize the gemstones, the size and the base metal as well as add more meenakari or Kundan flamboyance just like you wanted. 

  • Customized bangles with name 

Bangles suit everyone’s style, be it an ethnic ensemble or Western wear, adding bangles definitely creates an eye-catching contrast. To create a statement piece for your sartorial elegance, we have the option to get your name customized on the bangles.

Bangles with names go perfectly with bridal outfits. Further, these are great as a gift on anniversaries or special occasions like Rakhi. Bring versatility to your accessory collection by adding our customized name bangles that are available at a competitive price.

We can add the choice of name to a bangle with classy and trendy customization options of hand stamping, meenakari, gemstone work and more. Connect now to discuss the design ideas and customization possibilities. 

How to place an order for customized bangles?

Ciero Jewels is a renowned platform for online shopping and customization of imitation jewellery. Our user-friendly website is trusted by many and can be used to place an order for custom made bangles. Add a splash of creativity to your outfit with our customized bangles that can be ordered in just a few simple steps.

  1. Share your design: There is a customization form given on the website. You need to fill up the details and also use the attachment option to share design references. The more you share the better it will be for our craftsmen to understand your vision.

  2. Cost estimation: The design inspirations you shared are then redirected to the customization specialists. The team thoroughly reviews your request to prepare cost and time estimates. 

  3. Order placement: We will get back to you with a quotation and the time estimate for your order of personalized bangles. You are expected to make an online payment to confirm the order.

  4. Receive the order: Once the order is confirmed our craftsmen will make the magic happen and deliver the customized bangles within the agreed time frame. We will ship the order after the final invoice adjustments. 

Tips to style customized bangles

Not sure how to create a style statement at fancy events? Well, tailored bangles can do the trick. These are apt to strike the perfect balance between style and comfort. Here is how you can style customized bangles ordered from Ciero Jewels.

  1. Customized bangles for a bridal look: The mesmerizing appeal of a bridal look is all about making classy choices. If you are one of those brides who like to keep the accessories simple then adding custom bangles as statement pieces is surely the right thing to do. Pay attention to the embellishments on your bridal outfit and get complementing bangles. Red can be an ideal colour but for millennial brides who are making unconventional choices, you can go with pastel shades. The shades can be added with meenakari work. We have skilled artisans to add the desired level of chic and creativity to your bangles.

  2. The multi-coloured hue of customized bangles: These are great for festive looks as a colourful set of bangles is best to cheer up. Avoid wearing too many colours otherwise, it will create a busy look. Go with a monochromatic look and let the multicoloured bangles do the talking. The option for colour customization includes beautiful embellishments of coloured gemstones as well as the coloured enamel of meenakari. We have the most experienced craftsmen on board who assure attention to detail and unmatched finesse when it comes to Kundan and meenakari work. So rest assured and share the design references with our team. 

  3. Perk up with customized name bangles: Team up your wardrobe with bangles that have your name on them. It will surely turn heads at events and gatherings. The subtle detail can do so much as a statement piece that you don’t have to put any more effort to be the showstopper. These are great options to be dressed up at birthdays, anniversaries, festivals as well as weddings. The mystical charm of bangles with names on them can be customized by our experts with total assurance of quality standards. So hurry up and perk up all of your outfits with a simple trick. 

Why Ciero Jewels is the right choice for customized bangles?

Turn your creative imagination into a stylish reality with Ciero Jewels. We are one of the top-rated jewellery customized platforms which fulfil the promise of top-notch quality, unmatched finishing standards and the fastest turnaround times.

Moreover, Ciero Jewels is the #1 choice for jewellery customization because we don’t have middlemen and hence the labour cost for customization is surprisingly low.

Create an aura with customized bangles that are finely finished, made of high-quality raw material and quickly delivered to your doorstep at a competitive price. What else do you need? Share your design references with our experts and they will get back to you within two hours. 

Accentuate your style with Ciero Jewels

Ciero Jewels is the #1 platform to shop and customize imitation jewellery. We are a top-rated choice for customized bangles, moreover, our skilled craftsmen can make the magic happen for your choice of jewellery designs. Be it customized earrings, customized necklaces, customized rings or anything else, we can help you transform your vision into a stylish reality. So connect with Ciero Jewels now. 


1.    How to get a bridal Chura with a customized name?

Wedding bangles with a personalized name have become a hot trend right now. If you want the same on your D-day, you can get it customized at Ciero Jewels. Simply fill up the customization form given on the website and attach the reference images on the bridal Chura you want. We will customise the bangles with your choice of details/names on them at the best price.

2.    Which colour is the best for customized bangles?

Bangles offer versatile styling options therefore it is best to get them customized in a colour which goes well with all your outfits. When it comes to ethnic avatars, red is a safer choice whereas golden and silver are also some smart choices. However, you can customize bangles in every colour because customization is pretty affordable at Ciero Jewels. 

3.    Are customized bangles expensive?

Customized pieces may look more expensive than manufactured ones. However, this is certainly not true if you order from Ciero Jewels. We work at the lowest labour cost and therefore our customization price range is the most affordable.

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